La Dispensa di Amerigo was founded in 1996, born of la Trattoria di Amerigo’s 80 years of experience. It was initially a small company in the food industry and did not expect the success it has gone on to achieve in the following years. It has not been easy, but the passion and care that we dedicate to our production on a daily basis has led to impressive results over time. The constant plaudits we receive become incentives for new ideas and improvements to keep up with market trends and requirements.

We have taken the ancient traditions of food preservation from our valleys and extended them to an industrial scale. Our philosophy is the same we have always followed: respect for seasonal produce, and care in selecting and processing local ingredients. We develop recipes with ingredients grown and raised as near as possible to us, aiming to use the best materials to create products that are good, healthy and consistent. We put the taste of the past in our jars by following genuine, traditional recipes. Savour them slowly and you will rediscover the pleasure of good food. We follow our grandmothers’ recipes using their grandchildren’s technology.

Both in Italy and abroad, our products are sought-after and appreciated for their authentic taste. Thanks to modern technology, in every jar you will find products made with excellent ingredients without using any artificial flavours or other chemical additives. We have developed the highest quality standards over time, giving more and more importance to the traceability of ingredients and control over the whole supply chain.