Bolognese Ragù Made with Bianca Modenese Beef and Mora Romagnola Pork

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This sauce is made with the exquisite meat of Bianca Modenese beef and Mora Romagnola pork, combined to obtain the best of Emilia-Romagna. To make the best of these two exceptional ingredients, we also use local tomatoes and Cervia sea-salt.


This Bolognese sauce, or ragù, is made with the highest quality meat – Bianca Modenese beef and Mora Romagnola pork. The choice to combine two different meats has been made to enhance the characteristics of these two breeds. Both breeds are safeguarded by the respective consortium because of the declining number of heads being bred. There are currently projects in progress to promote and safeguard these traditional breeds. These breeds also share farming areas, with the cattle raised in the province of Modena, while the swine are currently raised in a larger area comprising Ravenna, Forlì, Bologna and Modena.

To bring out the best of these two exceptional ingredients, we also use local tomatoes and Cervia sea-salt.

Modo D'uso

Our Bianca Modenese and Mora Romagnola breed ragù is perfect with fresh egg tagliatelle. Prepare or buy some fresh egg tagliatelle. Cook the tagliatelle, leaving it al dente, and in the meantime warm the meat sauce in a large frying pan. A 200 gram jar of sauce is enough for 2 or 3 portions. When the tagliatelle is cooked, add it to the frying pan and warm over high heat while stirring. Top with grated Parmesan cheese to taste. As an alternative, this sauce is also excellent with the La Dispensa di Amerigo Tigelle flatbreads. Warm the contents of the jar in a frying pan or bain-marie. Add plenty of mature Parmesan cheese, and, if you like, also a little sliced onion.


tomato paste, 30.9% white “Modena white” beef, 15.5% “mora Romagna” breeds, extra virgin olive oil, double tomato concentrate, carrots, golden onion, celery, raw ham (pork meat, salt), Cervia sea salt.

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