Medicina Onion and Pancetta Sauce

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CATEGORIA: Recipes from Emilia Romagna

This sauce combines native ingredients from our region. The result is a balanced and flavourful sauce which is consistent with our culinary traditions.

modo uso sugo con pancetta e cipolla dorata di medicina 200g


Our sauce with onion and pancetta combines native ingredients from our region. We have combined Emilia Romagna tomatoes with local pancetta and the famous Medicina onions. This famous onion variety comes from the province of Bologna. The well-balanced combination of these fine ingredients will give a wonderful flavour to your dishes.

Modo D'uso

Our Medicina onion and pancetta sauce can be used in many different recipes. Prepare some ravioli by kneading flour with eggs and rolling out the sheet of pasta dough by hand. Use our pancetta and Medicina onion sauce to fill the ravioli. A 200gr jar provides three portions. Boil the pasta for a few minutes until it floats. Drain the pasta leaving some cooking water behind, pour both into a pan with a little bit of butter and heat for a few minutes. If you want to give another touch to your recipe, add some rosemary, sage or other aromatic herbs.


tomato pulp, 32,1% golden onion, 20,5% bacon (pork meat, salt, potassium nitrate), extra virgin olive oil, Cervia sea salt.

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