Medicina Onion and Sausage Sauce

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CATEGORIA: Recipes from Emilia Romagna

This sauce combines native ingredients from our region. The result is a balanced and flavourful sauce which is consistent with our culinary traditions.

modo uso sugo con salsiccia e cipolla dorata di medicina 200g


Our sauce with onion and sausage combines native ingredients from our region. The combination of local tomato “passata”, which offers the ideal balance between acidity and sweetness, the golden onion from Medicina (a small village near Bologna) and Italian sausage gives this sauce flavour and personality. Rounding off the recipe are 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil and Cervia sea salt. All local ingredients for a genuine regional product.

Modo D'uso

Our Medicina golden onion and Italian sausage sauce is easy to use as pasta sauce. Cook in 200 gr of “Gramigna” pasta pasta in salted water, ensuring you leave it “al dente”. For best results, use the La Dispensa di Amerigo Gramigna, made with durum wheat semolina. In the meantime, warm the sauce in a large frying pan. A 200 gr jar of sauce is enough for 2 or 3 portions. Heat the gramigna with the sauce until it has picked up the sauce. Serve topped with grated Parmesan cheese to taste.


tomato pulp, 34,1% Medicine golden onion, sausage 20,6% (pork, salt, spices, wine), extra virgin olive oil, Cervia sea salt.

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