Tomato Sauce with Herbs

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CATEGORIA: Recipes from Emilia Romagna

This sauce is based on a simple recipe developed by our chefs: at the last minute we added basil and thyme, enhancing the flavour and aroma of a sauce which is both easy to use and extremely versatile. The flavour you will find when you open the jar is reminiscent of summer.

modo uso sugo al pomodoro ed erbe aromatiche 200g


Our tomato and herb sauce is based on a simple recipe developed by our chefs. At the last minute, we added fragrant basil and thyme to our tomato sauce with extra-virgin olive oil. We use herbs from our own region, which we add to this simple sauce to give it more flavour and lend it a personality all of its own. With just a little bit of creativity, this sauce is suitable for many different kinds of dishes: starters, pasta dishes or for cooking meat. It can be used as a more fragrant replacement for a classic tomato sauce. The low acidity of Emilia-Romagna tomatoes and the fragrant aromatic herbs will make you feel it is summer all year round.

Modo D'uso

To prepare a tasty pizza, replace the standard tomato sauce with our tomato and herb sauce. Spread our tomato sauce with herbs over your pizza base, then add anchovies and capers to taste. You will create a unique and delicious pizza. Another option is to serve the sauce with “Dispensa di Amerigo” pasta. Ensure that pasta is not overcooked and that it remains “al dente”. Drain it and put it in a pan containing the previously warmed jar of sauce. Heat through quickly and serve.


95% tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Medicina onion, 0.7% aromatic herbs (basil, thyme), Cervia sea salt.

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