Friggione Bolognese

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CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

The typical Friggione Bolognese is a sauce containing tomato, onion and extra virgin olive oil, always used as a side-dish. Legend has it that there was a pot of Friggione boiling on the stove every day in every kitchen in Bologna.


The traditional Friggione Bolognese, called “frizan” in the local dialect, is a country dish prepared with just a few ingredients: golden onions and fresh diced tomatoes. This peasant dish is now part of the rich Bolognese culinary tradition.  Its delicious taste means that these flavours are no longer found just in peasant kitchens, but are now an important part of even the city’s best restaurants. The original recipe was found in a manuscript from 1886, along with other typical Bolognese recipes. Few ingredients, exclusively locally-sourced and selected with a focus on quality: golden Medicina onions, with their delicate taste, and Emilia-Romagna tomatoes, with their rich and well-rounded flavour.

Modo D'uso

Friggione Bolognese is part of Bologna’s rich culinary tradition. We suggest using it to accompany boiled meats or white meats cooked in a casserole pan. You can also prepare a flavourful and tasty starter by spreading some Friggione on canapés or “tigelle”, after heating it up in a bain-marie.

You can also prepare some polenta, ensuring it is not too dense. Warm the friggione and serve over the polenta (a jar will provide 3-4 servings), not forgetting the obligatory sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese!


tomato paste 54,7g, 49g medicine onion, extra virgin olive oil, Cervia sea salt, garlic of Voghiera.

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