“Tigelle” Flatbread

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CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

Handed down from one family to another, La Dispensa di Amerigo’s traditional “tigella” flatbread is prepared following the ancient recipe and using only natural ingredients like our grandparents used to do. This product is usually filled with cold cuts or used to accompany your meals.

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The “tigella” is a small, round flatbread typical of the Apennines between Bologna and Modena. It probably derives its name from the way these breads were cooked inside terracotta containers during the Roman age. These terracotta discs were called “tigelle” and the dough was usually put inside them wrapped in chestnut leaves and then cooked in hot ashes near a fireplace.  This traditional method of cooking is no longer used – nowadays the “tigelliera” is used, a specially shaped aluminium pan heated on a hob burner. La Dispensa di Amerigo Tigelle are produced according to specific production rules, with a strict quality control system. This recipe, handed down over centuries, consists only of natural ingredients: spring water, Cervia salt, stone-ground flour and Italian extra virgin olive oil. The artisan manufacturing, respect for the rules of traditional cuisine and the particular way of cooking them: this is what makes tigelle an authentic, gourmet product.

Modo D'uso

La Dispensa di Amerigo Tigelle are great with our Cooked Mountain Pesto; tradition dictates that they are the perfect match, representing our territory at its best. When eaten with our pesto, don’t forget to add a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese. You can either offer them to your guests or eat them with your family, Tigelle can be served with traditional cold cuts, soft cheeses and pickled vegetables. If you like dairy products, you can also try our range of Parmigiano Reggiano Spreads. Also not to be missed are the various sweet fillings: chocolate spread, fresh ricotta, honey, jam or mascarpone with strawberries. Their consistency means that Tigelle lend themselves to use in place of bread, to accompany meats and salads.


Common wheat flour type “0” (80%), ground wheat type “2” ground grain (20%), water, milk, yeast, Cervia sea salt, extra virgin olive oil.

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