Simple and traditional recipes, prepared according to tips from the people who cook them every day for their families. In this category, you will find tasty and versatile products that can be used in many different ways. What they have in common is the high quality of the local ingredients, selected by ripeness. You can use these products in all your dishes, from the easiest to the most complex. Let your imagination free and you can create new and delicious dishes for your guests.


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“Tigelle” Flatbread

CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

Handed down from one family to another, La Dispensa di Amerigo’s traditional “tigella” flatbread is prepared following the ancient recipe and using only natural ingredients like our grandparents used to do. This product is usually filled with cold cuts or used to accompany your meals.

modo uso tigelle

99.5% Tomatoes

CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

Our 99.5% tomatoes is a very simple product, to which we add only a pinch of Cervia sea salt. Suitable for everyday use in the kitchen, it can be used as a dressing or as an ingredient for other dishes.

modo uso 995 pomodoro 220g ok

Cooked Mountain Pesto

CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

The traditional “cunza” or “counza” from area between Bologna and Modena is a product made with lard and salt, seasoned with garlic and rosemary, traditionally used to fill “tigelle” and “borlenghi”.

modo uso pesto cotto montanaro 200g ok

Friggione Bolognese

CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

The typical Friggione Bolognese is a sauce containing tomato, onion and extra virgin olive oil, always used as a side-dish. Legend has it that there was a pot of Friggione boiling on the stove every day in every kitchen in Bologna.

Onion Jam

CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

This peculiar jam is made with red onions from Medicina, a small village near Bologna. We add only sugar and Marsala wine. It is the perfect accompaniment to mature and blue cheeses.

modo uso confettura di cipolle 240g ok

Pepper, Onion and Tomato Ratatouille

CATEGORIA: Sauces and Side-Dishes

A close relative to our Friggione, this sauce was usually prepared in addition or as an alternative to it. The sweet peppers give a particular flavour, a balanced sweetness typical of this fully ripened vegetable.

It is a country recipe made of peppers, onions and tomatoes.

modo uso peperonata classica 200g ok