Our range of spirits includes many varieties of liquor, so you always have the right alcoholic drink available. Sip them at the end of the meal, as a digestif or as a drink for a moment of meditation. Among our products, you will undoubtedly find the one which suits you best: from the gentle Rosolio, to the tasty Zabajone, not to mention the aromatic flavour of Fernet. Our spirits are suitable for many other uses, not only for drinking, and following our suggestions in the Useful tips section will allow you to impress your guests.


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“Rosolio” Rose Liqueur


We use natural rose and cinnamon flavours to produce our “Rosolio” liqueur. It is a pure, colourless, crystalline liqueur. It has a low alcohol content, and so it is suitable for sipping when relaxing.

modo uso rosolio

Cinchona Liqueur


Cinchona Liqueur is made with an infusion of the roots of the Cinchona tree. There are different varieties of Cinchona and, thanks to the beneficial properties of its roots, it is also used in pharmacology.

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Coffee Liqueur


The aroma of La Dispensa di Amerigo Coffee Liqueur is made up of seven different Arabic and Robusta varieties, first roasted individually and then mixed together. This liqueur not only can be consumed at the end of a meal, but it also can be used in many other preparations, thanks to its taste and s

modo uso caffemoka

Fernet Liqueur


La Dispensa di Amerigo Fernet Liqueur is made by infusing herbs in water and alcohol. With no added sugar, it is mainly used as a digestif even though there are many other ways in which you can enjoy it.

modo uso fernet

Lemon Liqueur


Our Lemon Liqueur is made by infusing lemon peel in alcohol. It is made intensely fruity and smooth by adding lemon juice.

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Marasca Liqueur


La Dispensa di Amerigo Morello Cherry Liqueur is produced with fruit exclusively from our valleys. The result is an alcoholic drink typical of the area, with sweet, delicate notes.

modo uso marasca

Walnut Liqueur


Our Walnut Liqueur is obtained by infusing unripe walnuts, picked at the end of June. Aged in wooden barrels, this liqueur is ready to be consumed only after three years.

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Walnut Liqueur Riserva


Our Walnut Liqueur is obtained from an infusion of unripe walnuts, picked at the end of June. It is then aged for at least five years, making it thicker and more persistent.

modo uso nocino riserva

Zabajone Liqueur


Zabajone liqueur, typical of the Emilia-Romagna region, is made from egg yolk and Marsala. Thanks to its sweet, subtle vanilla-like taste, this product is very popular and can be consumed at any time of the day.

modo uso zabaione