Salsa Rossa

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CATEGORIA: Pickled Vegetables

Salsa Rossa, or red sauce, is a vegetable sauce typical of Emilian culinary tradition: refined red vegetables of the highest quality, which are processed just after they are picked, to give this product a sweet and strong taste.

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Salsa Rossa is a typical sauce in Emilian culinary tradition, typically served with roasted and boiled meats. The vegetables are carefully selected and picked exclusively in the local area, before being slow-cooked to make an excellent product for your table. Red sauce has a great balance between strong and sweet flavours. Use it as an accompaniment to your dishes and you will certainly surprise your guests.

Modo D'uso

La Dispensa di Amerigo Salsa Verde with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal with traditional boiled or roasted white meats. You can also boil some eggs and cut them into medium size slices. Serve them directly on the plate and add the salsa rossa and mayonnaise to taste.

Otherwise, you can pan-fry a ļ¬lleted trout or char on the skin-side. When the skin is crispy, cover with a lid for thirty seconds to complete the cooking of the top, taking care not to dry it out too much. Serve the fish on a plate by laying it on the skin and spread over a thin layer of our Red Sauce, then cover with the other fillet.


carrots, red peppers, white zucchini, extra virgin olive oil, yellow peppers, red onions, Cervia sea salt, sugar, Voghiera garlic, wine vinegar.

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