Shallots in Light Red Wine Vinegar

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CATEGORIA: Pickled Vegetables

Our Shallots in Light Red Wine Vinegar have a refined and persistent flavour. The vinegar in this product does not dominate but is balanced by the sweetness of the vegetable.

modo uso scalogno in aceto gentile di vino rosso 210g ok


The Italian region which boasts the highest production of shallots is Emilia-Romagna. We decided to bring this product to your tables in a jar, thanks to its beneficial properties and to aid its rediscovery in the best restaurants and kitchens. They have detoxifying, digestive and diuretic properties, and are rich in water and fibre. Their origins date back to the city of Ascalon, on the border between Egypt and Syria, and it appears that the ancient Romans used shallots for their nutritional benefits.

This vegetable, which is increasingly prized nowadays, can enhance many dishes to impress your guests.

Modo D'uso

Shallots in light vinegar are ideal for use in the kitchen. They are suitable for a quick appetiser, or to use for more complex dishes. Cut some 1 cm thick slices of Pecorino “di fossa” cheese. Then, cut them into pieces about 3-4 cm per side. Put halved shallots on the cheese and serve on toasted bread. As an alternative, you can prepare an omelette or scrambled eggs, add some fresh cheese and two shallots per serving at the end of the cooking. Mix all the ingredients together, taking care to keep the preparation as soft as you can.


Shallot, 29.6% red wine vinegar, water, sugar, Cervia sea salt. Contains sulfites.

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