Green Asparagus Spread

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We use only the best green asparagus grown in the best fields to make our spread. With its delicate and rich taste, this product extends the very short season of this vegetable.

modo uso crema agli asparagi 90g


La Dispensa di Amerigo Green Asparagus Spread is produced exclusively from green asparagus grown in the best fields. We put this delicate and perfumed spread in jars to extend the short asparagus season. Its creamy consistency makes this product really versatile, suitable both for sophisticated and quick recipes. Ready to use, it is great for those who have little time but don’t want to compromise on quality.

Modo D'uso

You can use La Dispensa di Amerigo Green Asparagus Spread to prepare a soufflé. Whisk six whites until stiff and salt slightly; put two thirds of the mixture into six moulds then pour on about 10 gr of Green Asparagus Spread plus the yolk at room temperature. Then cover with the remaining egg whites, making a little dome. Put the moulds in the oven for five minutes at 150° C. Serve the soft soufflés in warmed soup bowls, finishing with the remaining asparagus spread. To prepare a classic risotto, a 90-gram jar will provide two servings: add it to the rice when cooked and stir thoroughly.


57.9% green asparagus, potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, Medicina golden onion, vegetable soup (water, onion, green courgette, carrot, tomato, leek, parsley, salt), Cervia sea salt, rice flour.

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