Porcini Mushroom Spread

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Our spread is made from Porcini mushrooms, and its creaminess makes this ready-to-use product perfect for every kind of recipe.

modo uso crema ai funghi porcini 90g


La Dispensa di Amerigo Porcini Mushroom Spread is exclusively prepared with carefully selected Porcini mushrooms. Its creaminess means this sauce is a highly versatile product, suitable both for sophisticated dishes and quick recipes. It is a ready-to-use product with a strong and tasty flavour. We choose the best ingredients to make sure you will impress your guests with this excellent spread.

Modo D'uso

You can use La Dispensa di Amerigo Porcini Mushroom Spread to enhance the flavour of your dishes, from pasta to recipes calling for porcini mushrooms. For this kind of use, a 90gr jar can serve 4-6 people. To prepare a classic risotto, a 90gr jar will provide two servings: add it to the rice when cooked and stir thoroughly.

Depending on the consistency you wish to obtain, you can add some vegetable broth, especially when used to enhance the flavour of white meat dishes. To give even more personality to your recipes, you can cook meat directly in our Porcini mushroom spread. Also try it as a side-dish to the classic “Cotoletta” to give it more consistency.


porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis and its group) 69,1% vegetable soup (water, onion, green courgette, carrot, tomato, leek, parsley, salt), extra virgin olive oil, cornstarch, shallots, garlic of Voghiera , Cervia sea salt, parsley.

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