The production philosophy of La Dispensa di Amerigo, as well as parent company Appennino Food Group as a whole, is to combine the expertise and passion of people who work with the company each day, to guarantee excellence and quality. Careful selection of ingredients, innovation and continuous research allow us to achieve constant growth and the highest quality standards.

In 2012, we built a technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Savigno to allow us to achieve greater effectiveness in terms of wholesomeness and quality. The equipment is regularly updated, modified and certified to make the most of its performance.

We also invest in staff training to optimise our production processes. The quality department is responsible for scrupulously ensuring that our activities are performed in accordance with all applicable regulations. The attentive checks on daily production allow us to maintain consistent standards and promptly identify potential problems.

All La Dispensa di Amerigo’s products undergo the most rigorous laboratory testing, involving microbiological analysis which guarantees the products’ wholesomeness, following all traceability requirements. We remain faithful to our origins and those of our food while doing this, as well as to our motto: “We follow our grandmothers’ recipes using their grandchildren’s technology”.